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ALI Certified Lift Inspections FloridaALI Certified Lift Inspections and Safety Training

Florida Lift Experts is an ALI Associate Member, with an ALI Certified Lift Inspector on staff.

Our certified professional has passed tests to ensure that, along with his extensive experience, he is certified to perform lift inspections to meet current ANSI/ALI ALOIM:2008.

American Lift Institute Lift Inspector Certification Program Details:

Lift Inspections:  Technicians performing periodic lift safety inspections will be exposed to technical information and the proper methods to evaluate an automotive lift, and through submission of practical experience and written examination prove their ability to inspect a lift to the requirements of the applicable American National Standard for lift inspections.


The of the Automotive Lift Institute is to promote the safe use of automotive lifts throughout the North America and elsewhere. The Lift Inspector Certification Program is an extension of the other safety related undertakings of ALI such as its standards developing efforts, its third party product certification program and the development of its generic safety and training materials for the automotive lifting industry


Call Now to have Florida Lift Experts send you an Automotive Lift Institute ALI Certified Automotive Lift Inspector: 407-839-3737

Lift Repair Services – Florida Lift Experts – Service Commitment

Our professional technicians are NOT ON COMMISSION and they take pride in the quality work our service department delivers to you year after year. Buying the equipment is only the beginning of a long business relationship.

We employ experienced lift technicians to provide quick professional installations, timely repairs for your broken lifts, and prompt scheduled ALI Certified Lift Inspections so you can meet all current ANSI/ALI ALOIM:2008 and insurance company inspection and documentation requirements.

  • 24 hour turn around when you call for lift service! You can’t afford downtime, and you want your lifts fixed now at a reasonable price.
  • We repair every make and model lift.
  • We repair and rebuild lift cylinders
  • We replace broken lift cables
  • We are experts in 2 post lifts, 4 post lifts and scissor lift repair
  • We repair heavy duty bus and truck lifts including in-ground and mobile lifts
  • We repair in-ground lifts whether they are newer high pressure smart lifts or the old style full and semi hydraulic lifts.
  • Our lift technicians are NOT commissioned; their pay is not based on how much your bill is! It is based on how satisfied you are with our service! Their job is to provide fast, efficient, and cost effective service on your lifts.

What are the steps to inspector certification?  Florida Lift Experts has gone through the following steps to be Certified by ALI.  Call us today to schedule your inspection 407-839-3737


  • Be legally organized in North America. The legal entity will be known as the program Participant.
  • Designate a Responsible Employee for the certification program.
  • Make application and pay the required fees.
  • Submit your required forms for review and approval by ALI.
  • Establish quality assurance procedures, if they do not already exist.
  • Attend an Orientation workshop which details the administrative aspects of the program, and establishes the understanding between program Participant and program certification organization.
  • Review the Candidate Handbook learning materials either on your own or through one of the manufacturers or other organizations offering classroom learning.
  • Candidate inspectors must pass the Pre-Course Examination.
  • Study the course learning materials either on your own or through one of the manufacturers or other organizations offering classroom learning.
  • The candidate inspector must pass the Course Examination.
  • Perform twelve Practical Experience inspections of automotive lifts using the approved Participant inspection forms
  • Submit the paperwork associated with the twelve inspections to ALI.
  • Correct any discrepancies.
  • Successfully complete an Initial Compliance Audit (ICA) of the Participant’s quality system
  • Receive certification.

Call Now to have an Automotive Lift Institute Certified Automotive Lift Inspection by Florida Lift Experts  407-839-3737