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Heavy Duty 4 Post Lifts

Heavy duty 4 post lifts decision for your facility will be based on the vehicles you plan to lift, the amount of bays you have, your budget, your ceiling height, and your site restrictions. The lifts we supply are high quality pieces of equipment that will increase your productivity year after year. With all the equipment options out there, you need a professional who has years of knowledge to help you create the shop of your dreams. This is why we will personally inspect your site, get your service requirements and lay out the area the lifts will go. With Florida Lift Experts there are no unanswered questions, only solutions.

The lifts we sell are commercial grade only, meeting ANSI/ALI/ ALCTV:2017 requirements for strength & safety. Our suppliers have product liability insurance and are there to stand by you, along with our certified service team.

AMGO 4 Post Lifts: PRO-10A is the perfect choice of 4 post lift, with the combination of great performance and safety, for your heavy duty commercial lift needs. The PRO-10A, four post lift, is made stronger, more versatile, and easier to use while being able to lift up to 10,000 lbs.

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